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Membership and Terms of Reference


Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force
(1 July 2020 – 31 December 2022)


Dr Jane Lee Ching-yee (Chairperson)
Mr Alvin Miu (Vice-chairperson)

Members of the CoP
Mr Chau Pui-por
Mr Terence Lau Chun-kai
Dr Kevin Lau Chung-hang
Ms Lau Oi-sze
Ms Christina Maisenne Lee
Professor Leung Siu-fai
Ms Ansah Majeed Malik
Ms Rebecca Tsai Ching-yu
Ms Eva Wong Ching-hung
Ms Yung Hoi-yan

Co-opted Members

Professor Kevin Au Yuk-fai
Mr Alan Cheung Yick-lun
Professor Alan Chow Ping-kay
Mr Chu Tsz-wing
Mr Chua Hoi-wai
Ms Cecilia Ho Chung-chee
Dr Kee Chi-hing
Ms Sophia Lee Shuk-woon (with effect from 1 April 2021)
Ms Irene Leung Shuk-yee
Mr Timothy Ma Kam-wah
Mr Kevin Orr Ka-yeung
Professor Siu Wai-sum
Dr Winnie Tang Shuk-ming (with effect from 1 April 2021)
Mr Tang Yiu-sing
Mr Stephen Wong Yuen-shan

Ex-officio Members
Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs (or representative)
Permanent Secretary for Innovation and Technology (or representative) (with effect from 1 April 2021)
Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare (or representative)
Director of Social Welfare (or representative)


Terms of Reference


(1) Formulate strategies and arrangements for the SIE Fund to drive social innovation and entrepreneurship;


(2) Advise the Trustee on fund allocation so that it is directed to achieve the objectives of the SIE Fund;


(3) Take reference of existing models to refine and/or propose appropriate approaches or mechanisms for managing the use of the SIE Fund;


(4) Nurture and widen the exposure of the local social innovation sector by organising events and activities for the sector to understand and learn from the models, approaches and practices of places outside Hong Kong;


(5) Evaluate the effects of the SIE Fund in advancing its objectives;


(6) Enhance and build new relationships with other organisations and parties active in the field in order to develop understanding and capacity;


(7) Maintain close liaison with and provide mutual support to other Task Forces/Working Groups under the Commission on Poverty (CoP), and report to the CoP on its work plans and progress as and when appropriate; and


(8) Render support for CoP to prepare for the annual CoP Summit for reporting the work progress of the CoP and engaging the public and various sectors in the community to take forward poverty alleviation work.


Please browse Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund website.


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