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“Life Buddies”


“Future Stars”


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Launched by the Commission on Poverty in 2014 and administered with the assistance of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, "Future Stars" aims to enhance the capability of youths from less privileged backgrounds in achieving upward social mobility through the collaboration of the community, the business and professional sectors and the Government.  Under the programme, youths are encouraged to enhance their self-understanding and plan for their future through corporate visits to various industries, and are assisted in their transition from school to work through job-related skills training and internships. Scholarships have also been set up to award students who demonstrate resilience in adversity.

There are three parts under the programme, namely "Upward Mobility Booster", "Upward Mobility Formula" and "Upward Mobility Scholarship". "Upward Mobility Booster" aims to enhance the employability of youths through workplace skills training and internships. "Upward Mobility Formula" aims to guide students in exploring their future career paths through corporate visits and interaction with industry practitioners. "Upward Mobility Scholarship" aims to motivate students who strive forward in adversity.

Each part of our programme requires varying levels of participation from supporting organisations, and it is hoped that this will encourage greater participation within our community by allowing organisations the flexibility to select their preferred project(s), taking into consideration their available resources and circumstances.

To date, our programme has been supported by more than 600 organisations with over 24 000 beneficiaries.

Please browse our booklet and video on the programme. If you would like to support our youths through the "Future Stars" programme, please contact us