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Welcome Message


Matthew Cheung Kin-chung

Welcome to the dedicated website of the Commission on Poverty (the CoP).


Poverty alleviation is a policy priority of the current-term Government. Our philosophy in poverty alleviation originates from the Election Manifesto of the Chief Executive and aims to encourage people capable of working to become self-reliant through employment, while putting in place a reasonable and sustainable social security and welfare system to help those who cannot provide for themselves.  


The CoP has been working closely with the Government in combating poverty.  Since its re-establishment in December 2012, the CoP and its Task Forces have spared no efforts in taking forward various initiatives from setting the official poverty line, formulating and launching the Low-income Working Family Allowance (LIFA), mounting the territory-wide retirement protection consultation exercise to strengthening support for disadvantaged groups, enhancing the upward mobility of young people with grassroots background and furthering the work of the Community Care Fund (CCF) and social innovations.  Apart from providing the Government with constructive advice, the CoP has also participated actively in various activities.  The CoP will continue to serve as the major policy platform for consensus-building, facilitating our work on poverty alleviation.


In the coming six months, we will continue to pursue a number of tasks vigorously and in a pragmatic manner, including taking follow-up actions to promote the development of retirement protection, conducting a comprehensive policy review of the LIFA Scheme in mid-2017 to refine the arrangements of the Scheme and rolling out new CCF assistance programmes.


In taking forward our work on poverty alleviation, we stand ready to listen to your views to ensure that our policies and measures meet the needs of different groups.  You are most welcome to exchange views and interact with us through email and other channels.



Chairperson of the Commission on Poverty
Chief Secretary for Administration
Matthew Cheung Kin-chung