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Commission on Poverty Summit 2018




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Speeches & Remarks


A speech by Professor Stephen Cheung, Chairperson of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force



(A summary translation)


We believe that there will always be a solution to problems as long as we have innovative ideas and members of different sectors of the society can work in collaboration.


In Hong Kong, many people and organisations are actively participating in social innovation. Over the past few years, the development of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong has been encouraging, with an increase in the number of social enterprises with diversified objectives and sources of funding.


The objective of the SIE Fund is not to replace existing practitioners, but to complement with them to create a synergy effect.


The SIE Fund will leverage on the success of existing social enterprises and market sense of the business sector. We will engage intermediaries to help manage individual projects.


There are two priority areas in engaging intermediaries, namely capacity building and innovative programmes. The Fund will also start to explore a ‘flagship’ project on food assistance. Besides, researches that would facilitate the Fund’s operation will be conducted.


Helping people in need is a task every member of the society can contribute. The objective of the SIE Fund is to stimulate more people to come up with innovative ideas to address social problems in particular poverty issue.


Participation of members from all sectors is crucial to the Fund’s success. Different communications channels are being set up. Let us work together to build social capital for Hong Kong and make the city a home we are proud of, with every member embracing hope and confidence.

28 September 2013