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  Topical Issues
Reducing Risk of Intergenerational Poverty

What is intergenerational poverty?

Intergenerational poverty refers to the poverty induced by the socially/economically challenged background of a person’s parents. It therefore follows that tackling intergenerational poverty would involve the provision of support and opportunities essential to a person’s sound, balanced and sustainable development but which support and opportunities would, if not for the intervention, be beyond reach as a result of the socially/economically challenges his/her parents face. Since life cycle development is cumulative, the earlier the compensatory intervention takes place, the less will be the impact of deprivation on the development of a child/youth.



How to tackle intergenerational poverty?


Overview of existing relevant services and programmes


Intergenerational Poverty


An Overview of Existing Services for Children and Youth Relevant to Intergenerational Poverty


CoP TFCY Paper 1/2007
Results of the review of the pilot implementation of the Comprehensive Child Development Service (0-5 Years)(CCDS)

Work of the Commission on Poverty

Tackling intergenerational poverty is one of the work priorities of the Commission on Poverty. The Task Force on Children and Youth was therefore established in May 2005.

  • Focus and Approach

Tackling Intergenerational Poverty – Concept Paper

Child Development Fund

"To provide children from a disadvantaged background with more development opportunities, I will earmark $300 million to set up a child development fund. The Commission on Poverty will discuss the fund's detailed operation. "


2007-2008 Budget Speech


CoP Paper20/2006
Promoting Child Development – Way Forward


CoP TFCY Paper 3/2006
Promoting Child Development - Child Development Fund as a model

CoP Paper 25/2006
HKCSS's proposal on Child Development Fund(Chinese version only)
CoP Paper 26/2006
BGCA's proposal on Child Development Fund (Chinese version only)
Paper for the Child Development Fund Seminar (Chinese version only)

CoP Paper 5/2007
Strengthening Support to Children and Families – An Update


Child Development Forum


Presentation for the Child Development Fund Seminar (Chinese version only)

Initiatives in improving policy interface in reducing risk of intergenerational poverty

Enhancing assistance to motivate the long-term unemployed young CSSA recipients to employment


“ From Welfare to Self-Reliance ” District Pilot “ My STEP” - Special Training and Enhancement Programme


“From Welfare to Self-Reliance” - Proposed District Pilot “My STEP” – Supplementary Information


CoP TFCY Paper 2/2007
My STEP - Motivation programme for long-term unemployed young CSSA


Strengthening parent education and support to parents from disadvantaged background


Sharing session on parenting on 15.12.2005


CoP TFCY Paper 1/2006
Strengthening Parenting Support for Disadvantaged and Hard-To-Reach Parents

Projects in building social capital for children and youth

Mentorship Fun Project


Adopt-A-School Project


Pilot Projects in Building Social Capital
for Children and Youth


Projects in Building Social Capital For Children and Youth - Supplementary Information

Progress of Work

Progress Report

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